Amara Wellness Centre, Beauty Spa, Hammam & Chiropractic

Amara Wellness Centre is a holistic life and wellness studio that offers a variety of integrated health services to address mind, body and soul. Offering the Science of Integrated Wellness, our menu of services offers something for every ‘body’. 


The centre has been created by Dr Zara Celik and the overall philosophy was born from her background in Health Science and Complementary Medicine, combined with her heritage and connection to the ancient healing rituals of the traditional Hammam. Dr Celik holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Applied Mathematics and Anatomy. She also has a double degree in Applied Science/ Complementary Medicine – Chiropractic, and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. 

Dr Zara is also one of Australia’s only certified Endermotherapie (Endermotherapy), Endermologie (Endermology) and Huber Motion Lab practitioners which beautifully marry her life’s philosophy:  Prevention, Treatment and Wellness. With a deep interest in Integrative Nutrition and Herbal Medicine,  Zara has also qualified as a Wellness Coach. As a result, she is able to offer Amara Wellness clients a comprehensive wellness solution to support many different pathologies, lifestyle challenges and wellness goals.  

Amara's exceptional therapists are qualified in health science and have a deep understanding of the body and the application of integrated wellness. In addition they are then trained by Dr Zara herself, to ensure that every Amara journey is touched with warm hospitality, generosity of spirit and results you will remember. 

The evocative series of consultation, therapy and steam rooms are linked by a series of black oak corridors connecting circular marble-clad chambers ensuring that every aspect of the Amara wellness experience is imbued with comfort and design. The Hamman ritual spaces are directly inspired by the traditional Turkish bath house and feature meticulously crafted domed and vaulted ceilings with custom made copper bathing vessels to offer the truest essence of the Hammam journey.  

Holistic health has been woven throughout the service philosophy. All medical technology is non-invasive and works to naturally stimulate the body's healing response.  We dispense the highest quality 'prescription only' supplement range, and we use Phyts, certified organic products for hair, face and body.  We also use organic cotton towels and bathrobes, and follow ecological and sustainable practices in everything we do.  

Dr Zara Celik will conduct a thorough consultation on your first visit and recommend a personalised treatment plan for best results.

Meet Dr Zara Celik and come on a journey through Amara Wellness Centre


At Amara Wellness Centre we offer the highest quality care with advanced scientifically based techniques using Endermotherapie (Endermotherapy)Endermologie (Endermology)Chiropractic, the Huber Motion Lab, Endermosport, LED Light Therapy or MassageA number of conditions that can be managed, include, but are not limited to: 

Acute neck and back pain
Ankle problems
Arthritis pain and restricted movement
Heel spurs
Bone fractures
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic pain
Deep muscle problems
Golfer’s/tennis elbow
Foot problems
Hamstring injuries

Hip arthritis
Leg pain
Pain relief
Peripheral neuropathy
Post surgery recovery
Rheumatoid arthritis
Scars (including keilod & hypertrophic)
Shoulder Pain
Soft tissue calcification or fibrosis

Sore backs
Spinal problems and injuries
Sports Injuries
Tendon problems
Tennis elbow
Tight muscles
Torn ligaments
Training (resistance/cardio)
Rheumatoid arthritis
Reduction of scar tissue
Whiplash injury
Wrist pain

We tailor programs for rehabilitation, pre-surgery care and post-surgery recovery, spinal flexibility, balance and coordination, post natal care and sports strength and performance. 

Amara Wellness Centre offers natural and non-invasive beauty therapies for the face and body with FacialsEndermoliftLED Polychromatic Light Therapy and LipomassageA number of challenges that can be managed, include, but are not limited to: 

Dark circles
Double chin
Fine lines
Facial swelling
Fat reduction

Fluid retention
Herpes/Cold sores
Loose skin
Puffy eyes

Soft tissue calcification
Stubborn fat deposits
Stretch marks
Sun damage
Wound healing

Benefits Include:

Cellular detoxification
Collagen and elastin stimulation
Fluid drainage

Glowing complexion
Loss of inches
Reduction of cellulite

Skin firming
Face & body toning

Drawing on the healing benefits of ancient therapies, Amara Wellness Centre offers the unique addition of traditional Hammam Rituals & Packages, which is a hot steam hydrotherapy treatment that has numerous health benefits for mind, body and soul. The Hammam can:

Relax the mind
Release muscular tension
Detoxify the body
Increase circulation

Stimulate the lymphatic system
Increase metabolism
Cleanse and exfoliate the skin
Improve texture, tone & hydration of skin

Relieve stress
Promote mental clarity
Increase energy levels
Promote general wellbeing

With a deep interest in Integrative Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Dr Zara Celik is also a qualified Wellness Coach. As a result, she offers Wellness Consultations to support clients in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Programs are individually tailored, however common programs that we often address in the centre include:

Digestive health

Female/hormonal health
Holistic rehabilitation

Sports performance
Stress resilience and management

Client Testimonials...

Hanna was amazing. She took great care to check in on me, ask me how I was feeling throughout the treatment. It was an amazing experience and now I feel so relaxed. Thank you!
— Anvita Bhasin
Heavenly! Like being in a top resort, modern and advanced treatments. Plus care for the customer’s health. First Class!
— David Hagger
Thank you Amara Wellness Centre
— Dannii Minogue
Hanna was extremely professional and thorough as was Ella. Thank you it was amazing.
— Jody Uren
A fantastic facility, beautiful ambience and an overall lovely experience from beginning to end.
— Jessica Suleimani
The cleanliness of the environment is the most welcome that I have found.
— Kalkidan Ferede
It is truly a beautiful and wonderful experience. Will recommend to my family and friends. Thank you!
— Nadia Vitellone
Absolutely incredible experience! Pure luxury! Thank you very much.
— Adara