Natural, organic, whole-body care and high-technology go hand-in hand at Amara Wellness Centre, and our skin care offerings are no exception. We offer a variety of facials to care for different skin issues and goals, using the PHYT’S Laboratories range of products: a 100% Organic-certified skin care range, formulated in the south-west of France by biochemists and scientists using the most advanced technologies and processes.

PHYT’S products are created with holistic principles in mind, and an understanding that health, beauty, and our environment are all linked. Like organic food for the skin, PHYT’s provides nutrient-rich formulations containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and potent plant extracts, to actively nurture, protect and heal the cells of the skin. We have selected PHYT’s for the company’s integrity in creating a range that caters for every skincare need.

We provide facials for all types of skin, including special formulations for sensitive, dry, reactive and oily skin types, acne, and anti-ageing treatments. Facials are generally from 60 to 90 minutes long.

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