Used by many celebrities and leading athletes, Lipomassage can achieve unprecedented results in improving, toning, sculpting and contouring the body, and visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite without surgery.LPG Systems’s Cellu M6 Endermolab Médical is the first device to be recognised by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration for its cellulite treatment properties. It is also used to achieve a range of therapeutic benefits in the health, wellbeing, sport and rehabilitation contexts. Dr Zara Celik is one of very few Australian practitioners medically qualified and trained to operate the Cellu M6 Endermolab Médical. As a specialist in this unique technology, she can assist you in erasing localised fat and treating the appearance of cellulite.

Treatment with the Cellu M6 Endermolab Médical


The Endermolab consists of a motorised treatment head, with two specially designed rollers which are pressed against the skin. The device mechanically stimulates the skin surface and connective tissue, allows seperation of the fat cells and increases fibroblast activity – promoting the activation of lipolysis (fat breakdown) and collagen and elastin production (for healthy and youthful skin). The Endermolab’s controlled suction also lifts and rolls across the skin to deeply massage the body. This combined process combats cellulite and localised fat build-up by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, allowing the body to more easily rid itself of toxins and excess fluids.

At Amara Wellness Centre, all Lipomassage treatments are performed by Dr Zara Celik or other Lipomassage-qualified and trained practitioners.

What to expect from your Lipomassage treatment

At your first Lipomassage treatment, Dr Celik will discuss with you your body-contouring goals and focus areas. Before proceeding with treatment she will also undertake a medical assessment to ensure that you have no conditions that preclude you from benefiting from the treatment.

Lipomassage sessions take 30–35 minutes and can be extended if desired. If you wish to monitor your fat-reduction progress, your measurements can also be taken prior to commencing treatment and compared with measurements at subsequent visits.


For your personal comfort and hygiene, we will provide you with an Endermowear to wear. Your treatment will take place on a special LPG bed where you will be able to relax while the Endermolab is gently rolled and pressed onto the body. Depending on your Lipomassage goals, focus areas will receive more attention – but to ensure an optimal and holistic treatment, the entire body will be treated.

Similar to the effect of a full-body massage, Lipomassage treatment is pain-free and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your session. You should drink plenty of fluids afterwards to ensure proper rehydration, helping the body to drain toxins and maximising the benefits of the treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

For best results, we recommend Lipomassage sessions be taken over a continuous period of time. Depending on your individual goals and individual response to the treatment, best results are usually seen after 8 to 15 sessions – though most people will notice changes after the first few treatments.

Lipomassage sessions can be booked on a single-session basis or as part of a discounted 10–20 treatment package, valid for 12 months. For more information about Dr Celik's Wellness Services and Consultations or to make an appointment with Dr Celik, call Amara Wellness Clinic on (03) 9388 2828 or click the button below to book online.