Do you want toned face and luminous skin?

Yes! I am talking about face GYM and face fitness! We are all familiar with different ways to work out our body muscles to keep fit and toned. Have you ever thought of toning and working out your face muscles and exercising your skin?

This can now be achieved with combined actions of  Omniwave, the advanced face muscle and skin management treatment. Omniwave has multiple actions, the most requested one is muscle spindle contraction for muscle activation. The goal is to strengthen the face muscles to firm and tone up the face. It's non invasive, pain free and has 6 different modalities to deliver visible results after one session by activating the skin’s biological and physiological responses.

The treatment  buffs away dead skin cells, followed by the deep infusion of hydrating collagen serums and calming aloe vera, the skin will then be stimulated, tightened and lifted like never before.


What is Omniwave?

Omniwave® ASM. Designed to intensify professional facial therapies by activating the skin's biological responses through electrical, light or ultrasound stimulation. Depending on the skin concern, any of the six modalities can be applied individually or in combination to suit a client's needs.  

The modalities are used for treatment of skin vitalization, muscle stimulation, muscle firming, lifting, contouring, glowing completion and cell rejuvenation

The SIX Treatment modalities include:
1. Radio Frequency: 
Bipolar oscillating waves improve skin tone and tighten and firm skin.

2. Bio-Lift (Micro-current with LED Option):
This is a bioelectrical impulse which mimics our body’s nerve impulses and is excellent for wound healing including acne scars as well as skin breakouts. Increases cellular energy by 500%.
Benefit: Repairing, regenerating, healing
Increases micro-circulation and strengthens underlying facial muscles to visibly firm skin.

3. Ultra-Lift (Electro Muscle Stimulation): 
A scientifically proven method that results in visibly firmer, smoother skin.

4. LED (Light Emitting Diodes 3 Spectrum):
Activates the skin's natural repair process and helps calm or purify the skin.

5. E-Poration (Electrical impulse): 
Increases penetration of active skincare ingredients into deeper skin zones.

6. Ultrasonic: 
A medical modality used for wound healing, it's deep cleansing action detoxifies skin and helps deep penetration of actives.