Sport and Sports Injury

It goes without saying that physical activity is important for good health throughout life. Amara Wellness Centre provides sports, sports injury and fitness support for clients at all levels of activity, including professional athletes. Injuries, joint mobility issues and pain are just some of the issues that can be addressed with our EndermoSport massage treatments, delivered through the technologically advanced Cellu M6 Endermolab Médical. Equally important to attaining peak physical performance and preventing injury are back stability and core strength, muscle tone, reflex training, strength and endurance, provided through our revolutionary HUBER MOTION LAB.

EndermoSport is mainly used to treat sports-related conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • sprained and/or torn ligaments
  • muscle aches/traumas, spasm, pulled or strained muscles
  • contractures due to joint problems
  • joint stiffness
  • lactic acid recovery
  • neck and back pain.

HUBER MOTION LAB focuses on balance, coordination and overall spinal health, and is an invaluable tool for rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Its benefits include improved body and spinal stability, muscle toning and conditioning, reduction in muscular fatigue and stiffness, increased agility, and prevention of a range of conditions, including osteoporosis.

A range of physical conditions characterised by pain, immobility or discomfort can also be treated using Endermotherapie.

Dr Zara Celik is a qualified chiropractor and a specialist in EndermoSport treatments, Endermotherapie, and the HUBER MOTION LAB. For more information about Amara Wellness Centre's Rehabilitation Program or to discuss which treatment is most appropriate for you, contact Dr Celik on (03) 9388 2828 or click the button below to book online.