How This Non-Invasive Skin Treatment Can Dramatically Reduce Fat And Detoxify Your Whole Body


Do you have cellulite?

Stubborn fat?

Fluid retention?

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce puffiness, excess fat, cellulite or other skin complaints, Endermologie is a natural, non-invasive treatment that has gained popularity with celebrities the world over.

What is Endermologie

Endermologie is a patented technology developed in France that has become renowned throughout Europe and the USA for it’s painless treatment and visible results. At Amara Wellness Centre we are honoured to be one of the only centres providing this European technology on Australian shores.

Endermpotherapie and Lipomassage

The application of Endermologie is called Endermotherapie or Lipomassage. It is a mechanical massage that is 100% natural and uses the patented Endermolab technology. This non-invasive fat removal treatment works by acting simultaneously on skin quality (cellulite, firmness) and on the release of stubborn localised fat.

An Endermotherapie treatment at Amara Wellness Centre involves wearing your own personal Endermowear suit that we provide. While you relax in beautiful surrounds, your therapist will guide the Endermologie tool over your body. The tool has a roller, motorised flap and suction that stimulates dormant activity within your skin.

How Does it Differ From Other Massage?

Most of us have experienced the benefits of massage, whether it’s the the mental and physical relaxation, the therapeutic and detoxification benefits, or as part of a rehabilitation protocol. Endermotherapie is superior to manual massage in that it increases blood circulation 400% more and stimulates the lymphatic system 300% more when compared to manual massage. While these 100s x benefits are being experienced by our clients, there are also so many more benefits and conditions that Endermotherapie can treat.

What can it treat?

There are extensive applications and benefits of Endermologie treatments, working on the premise that detoxifying your system and bringing the cells back to their normal, healthy function will then bring about the aesthetic outcomes that you desire. Endermotherapie works on a cellular level to move stubborn fat cells and eliminate them from your body through increase blood flow and lymphatic stimulation. The side effect of this detoxification is glowing skin!

Specific Skin and Aesthetic Applications

Fluid Retention (Lymphedema)

Puffiness and fluid retention is something that affects many of our clients. Whether it’s due to pregnancy, after a flight, or other causes, fluid retention is something that can impact your confidence and leave you feeling less than gorgeous.

Endermotherapie reduces fluid retention by stimulating the lymphatic system all over your body, and working in stubborn areas where a lot of fluid has accumulated. After a flight, the fluid retained in your legs can be shifted to get rid of swollen ankles or “cankles”. It can be safely used by pregnant and breastfeeding mums, to get rid of the excess fluid and safely move toxins out of the body to bring about more energy. Also great for post-birth recovery!

Fat Cell Build Up (Lipedema)

The buildup of fat cells under the skin is a common condition that our clients seek Endermotherapie for, as it breaks down these fat cells. The areas most affected by lipedema are the legs, thighs, buttocks and sometimes the arms. This condition can often be painful, your legs can feel tender or uncomfortable. So our clients choose Endermotherapie for the aesthetic benefits, but also to have a better quality of life and become free from pain and discomfort.

Cellulite Reduction

Everyone knows what cellulite is, but did you know that there’s three types of cellulite? And that Endermotherapie can smooth cellulite?

  • Aqueous Cellulite: If the name didn’t give it away, this is cellulite as a result of fluid retention.

  • Adipose Cellulite: Associated with excess weight, should be addressed with diet as well.

  • Fibrous Cellulite: This is a more chronic condition when adipose cellulite goes unchecked.

Cellulite reduction is often a goal for our clients and Endermotherapie can treat all types of cellulite. With the more stubborn or chronic cellulite condition, the surrounding tissue first needs to be softened before the fibrous cellulite can be removed. This may take more treatments than the other two types of cellulite.

Varicose Veins

This condition impacts up to 40% of women, causing pain and impacting their the body confidence. Varicose veins are a result of poor blood circulation, damaged values and blood backflow. The varicose vein treatment that Endermotherapie provides is to increase blood circulation and promote the repair of the vein back to its healthy, natural state.

Special Offer

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30 minute treatment (Value $200)

Your own Endermowear suit (Value $150)


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